12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

Building a website nowadays is crucial. It is one of the factors why many of the businesses fail when they go online. Aside from giving information to your visitors, you should be able to give them enough resources for them to stay on your site or go back constantly.

The most important part of a website is the homepage since it will determine the impression of your viewers. To learn more about what I am talking about, please keep on reading for you to see what is lacking on your website.

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What is a Homepage

A homepage is the “main page” of a website that also serves as the landing page for your audience. It is the navigation which gives people an insight into what your site is all about. It should be noticeable, impressive, informative and simple but unique. Once your homepage caught the attention of the ones who clicked it, then it will bring more traffic to your site which will be converted into an income.

If you are just starting to build a website on your own, or you have created one but failed, this post will help you a lot. Here are the 12 critical elements you need to consider when planning and designing the homepage of your website.

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have
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