How to Permanently Delete PayPal Account (Updated 2020)

There are quite a few reasons that you may want to delete your PayPal account. Closing down a PayPal account is a super quick and hassle-free procedure which may be finished in just a few minutes. If in case you need to shut down your account, this tutorial can allow you to do so safely.

Note: Many users use the phrase’deactivate PayPal accounts’. Deactivate often means an account may be reactivated if needed (such as a Facebook account). This is not the case when it comes to PayPal. Once an account has been deleted, it will be permanently closed.

How to Delete PayPal Account

The directions to delete the account differ slightly depending on if your PayPal is titled as ‘personal’ or’business’. Follow the instructions below and choose what type of PayPal account you want to close.

For Individual PayPal Account

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • First, Click on the Settings menu next to Log in to your account.
  • Under Account Options, click the Close your account button.
  • Click the Close Account button.

For Business Account

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • At the top of the Account Settings page, you can see a Close Account button alongside Account type.
  • Click on the Close accounts button to delete your PayPal account.

Once a PayPal account was closed down you won’t be able to access it. Rapport and your history with PayPal will be lost. It’s possible to make a new PayPal (often using the same email address) though you won’t be able to see the transaction history of the preceding account. Remember that future online payments cannot be made with the deleted account.

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Reasons an Account Cannot be Deleted

In certain conditions, an account will not be permitted to be shut until problems are resolved. In the event that you still have a remaining PayPal equilibrium, pending funds, or unresolved issues you cannot close your account. When the cash has been transferred and the issues have been resolved, the accounts could be closed.

Reasons Why to Delete PayPal Account

There are a handful of reasons users decide to close down their PayPal account. Please note there is no cost associated with keeping it opened while it may appear that the ideal idea to shut down your account. You will never know, 1 day you may opt to use PayPal again.

Some users may choose to remove their PayPal account because:

  • They won’t use the accounts later on. For instance they discovered a less costly option or may have switched to the Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Their account was compromised and they wish to close it down for security reasons.
  • They will be opening an account using a different email address.

Things to Remember Before Deleting PayPal Account

After a PayPal account is shut it down can’t be reopened meaning all of the trade history is missing. It’s necessary that you screenshot or print out your transaction history if you will want it at a subsequent date.To delete your PayPal account you’ll have to use a notebook or pc. PayPal accounts cannot be deleted from a cell phone.

In case you have opted to go ahead and shut down your account, before you do this ensure you gather the entirety of your PayPal balance.

To accumulate your PayPal balance you might choose to:

  • Transfer it to a own bank account (it can take a couple of days for this money to appear)
  • Ask a check from PayPal (a small fee will occur).
  • Purchase some items from your preferred online shop

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Question: Is it feasible to close an account and start a new account with the same email address?
Answer: Yes, you can reuse your email address you have used on a previously closed Paypal account.

Question: My email address shows when I log into. How do I stop this from happening?
Answer: Remove your cookies and cache. Select”Tools” or”Preferences” from your internet browser’s drop-down menu, and look for a tab or section with the name”privacy.” Click on that, and you ought to be provided an option to select what you want to delete (cache, cookies, history, etc.) and from where (the very beginning, a month before, a week ago, etc.).

Question: Does PayPal delete all my information when I close my account?
Answer: No. They don’t delete anything. All they do is deactivate the account so that it can’t be used anymore.

Question: When will I get my equilibrium after closing my accounts?
Answer: Statements are ready just prior to the close of the month, so it is dependent upon when the account was closed.

Question: Why can not I open up a new account with the exact same info after I shut my PayPal account?
Answer: PayPal does not delete your information from record. It is to prevent fraudulent use of your details, however it means you can not use a new account to open.

Question: Can it be feasible to close an account and start a new account with the same email address?
Answer: It depends on how PayPal sets up their email program. Occasionally websites when closing an account, meaning it may be used again instantaneously actually remove your email from their database. But it is kept by some for a time period during which you’d be not able to join using the same email. The only way is to test, but there shouldn’t be an issue assuming the accounts were successfully deleted.

Question: Can I open more than one PayPal account when I have different email addresses and telephone numbers, or do I need to delete the original account ?
Answer: You can open more than one Paypal account with different email accounts, but you cannot add the exact same credit/debit cards into multiple accounts. You will want to delete card information from account.


That’s how you can easily delete your PayPal account. Please be reminded that before you delete your account, make sure that everything is okay with your account. Especially if you are fond of purchasing stuffs online and you pay via PayPal.

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comment section below. Our team from Soviet Russia is willing to help you with anything.

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